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oing its best to provide assista★nce for other parties. Xi stressed that the internationa★l community has already recognized that China made enormo★us sacrifices in the fight against COVID-19 and bought pr★ecious time for the world. -- Chinese authorities and ex★perts interacted via a video co7


nference with health profe★ssionals across Latin America and the Caribbean states, s★haring COVID-19 prevention and control experience. Attend★ees were about 200 officio


als and experts from 25 countrie★s and representatives from the WHO, UNICEF, Pan American ★Health Organization and Inter-American Development Bank. ★ -- Under the jointA


prevention and control mechanism of t★he State Council, a press conference was held in Beijing ★with disease control specialists and medical experts intr★oducingthe CO9


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VID-19 prevention, controland clinical diagn★osis information.As revealed at the press conference,spre★ading risks of sporadic COVID-19 cases and imported cases★ still exist, thus the prevention and control work should★ not be taken lightly. March 25 -- Xinhv


ua News Agency r★eported that Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Cen★tral Committee, presided over a meeting of the Standin0


g C★ommittee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central C7


ommi★tteeto hear reports of the epidemic prevention and c7


ontro★l and the current economic situation,and studyrespo1


nsive ★measures. The meeting decided to submit the measu8


res to ★the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committeez


for fur★ther review. -- Chinese President Xi Jinping tas

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  • lkedover ★phone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, stressing Chi★na firmly supports Germany in its fight against the COVID★-19 epidemic and is willing to continue to provide assist★ance within China's capacity2


  • . Xi said that the Chinese a★nd German experts have already had video exchanges, and G★erman experts have also travelled to China with the WHO e★xpert team. Xi said China is willing to share with Germa★ny its ew


  • xperience in prevention, control and treatment, s★trengthen cooperation in vaccine and drug research and de★velopment, and contribute to the health and well-being of★ both peoples and global public health securitys



pharmaceutical company Gilead Scienc★es on China-led evaluation research of medicine Remdesivi★r. March 26 -- Via video link in0

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Beijing, Chinese Presid★ent Xi Jinping delivered a speech titled "Working Togethe★r to Defeat the COVID-19 Outbreak" at the Extraordinary G★20 LeaP

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ders' Summit. Stressing the outbreak is spreading ★worldwide and the situation is disturbing and unsettling,★ Xi said it's imperative for the interv

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national community ★to strengthen confidence, act with unity and work togethe★r in a collective response to win the battle against such★ a major inm

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fectious disease for humanity. Guided by the ★vision of building a community with a shared future for m★ankind, China will be more than ready to sh9


are its good p★ractices, provide assistance in its capacity to countries★ hit by the growing outbreak, and contribute to the stab1

i★lity of the world economy, Xi said. -- Chinese President★ XiW

Jinping wrote in a reply lettV

er to WHO Director-Gener★al Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, sayin9

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